Asthma is a chronic lung disease associated with heavy cold, tightness of chest, difficulty in breathing and sounds which resembles flute or veena.


Heavy cold, Wheezing, Tightness of chest, Rhinitis, Coughing and trouble to breathe are the important symptoms of Asthma.

Diawin Siddha Treatment for Asthma

Your cure is assured. Our best siddha treatment for asthma does the magic and patients could feel the effect of the medicine from the first dose itself. Our medicine doesn’t come in a single form and has a lot of form for treating various stages and types of asthma. We handle, even the patients with severe condition of asthma and Diawin siddha treatment for asthma owns a good track record for curing the disease.

It first reduces the difficulty of the patient in breathing. Later it regulates the normal function of the lungs. You could feel better relief from asthma. In the case of children, we give assurance for the healthy life and great future with best siddha treatment for asthma.

“Siddha not just a medical System, It’s a Life Style“