Imagine a person who walks with difficulty and endures pain for every single step. The pain causing disease might be Arthritis and a large number of people is affected by it. Your skeletal system gives you, not only the beautiful shape. It also aids every movement of your body. Every movement involves joints and the inflammation in the joints is called Arthritis.



The cartilage, which acts between the joints functions as a shock absorber. The loss of elasticity, consequent stiffening and damage is caused by Osteoarhritis.

Infectious arthritis:

If the tissue of any joints and the synovial fluid are affected by any infection, the resulting inflammation is known as infectious arthritis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis:

The swelling and pain in the synovial membrane and if untreated, the resultant deformity is known as rheumatoid arthritis.

Diawin Siddha Treatment for Arthritis

We give the natural siddha treatment for arthritis which reduces the inflammation of joints, increases the mobility and decreases the pain. Our specialized oil and fomentation give flexibility to the joint and increase the synovial fluid of the joint. Our medicines vary with the need of each individual. We give siddha treatment for arthritis with 100% cure and siddha herbal and Ayurveda medicines only.

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